Selene Development LLC is a dedicated team of technologists providing optical-based product solutions for a wide range of markets and technologies.


Russ Hudyma


Russ is a seasoned optics veteran with 34 years experience doing complex system modelling, optical design and analysis. He has synthesized complex optical systems for both imaging and illumination for a broad array of end markets including semiconductor lithography, wafer scale processing, flat-panel processing, aerospace, remote sensing, 2D/3D digital cinematography, and 2D/3D digital projection. He has performed complex systems-level modeling, error budgeting, and image simulation of partially coherent imaging systems. He developed algorithms based on the Singular Value Decomposition to align complex multi-element lens and mirror assemblies. On the business side, Russ has a proven track record of bringing products to market at scale and helping both start-ups and established companies maximize return on investment.


Ian Wallhead


Ian has over 35 years of experience in optical systems development. Starting is the defense industry in the 1980s in night vision imaging, Ian went on to make significant contributions in high power laser micromachining, EUV lithography and semiconductor inspection. More recently Ian is dedicating significant time to the development of autonomous vehicle camera systems (imaging and LIDAR), AR/VR and bio-medical imaging in particular low light fluorescent imaging. Ian is a world class expert in systems modeling and in particular the suppression of stray light.


Tony Davis


Tony has a distinguished career in the field of biomedical imaging and imaging science. He is the founder of Tessive LLC which produces the Time Filter that effectively reduces temporal aliasing. Tony was also the VP of Technology at RealD, where he led the technology team with the development of the GS and PLF platforms.


Rick Yarussi


Rick has 30 years of experience, including 20 years in semiconductor metrology. Early in his career, Rick designed and built a DUV-Vis spectroscopic ellipsometer for the semiconductor division at NIST. He was Director of Optical Engineering at Nanometrics where he designed several generations of one of the industry's leading small-spot Optical Critical Dimension (scatterometry) systems for measurements of complex thin-film stacks and state-of-the-art 3D lithographic structures for memory and logic chips. Rick is especially skilled in ellipsometry, polarized reflectometry, small-spot confocal microscopy, and high-precision areal microscopy for overlay metrology. Rick has ported those skills to the biotech industry and is currently innovating there.