Custom Systems Development

Selene Development LLC provides world class optical systems solutions and can provide quality hardware in quantities from prototypes to many thousands. We can provide lenses for demanding camera applications like space and automotive with stringent environmental specifications. We have experience in microscopy, life science, medical, semiconductor metrology, DUV and EUV lithography, AR/VR applications, cinema projection, and more. If you have a challenging application Selene will be able to help.


Selene Development LLC has a series of vetted, long term manufacturing partnerships which leverage a global supply chain. Based on each partners specific expertise, we can provide a wide range of products from low volume specialty optics to high volume automotive LIDAR lenses. Factories are certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949.

Business Partnerships

Selene wants to be embedded with your success. While we do simple fee-for-service work, our true value is becoming part of your product development team from inception to launch.